Project CARS vs real life: Audi R8 LMS Ultra @ Bathurst

How accurate the performance of each car is in this game? How close are the cars to their real life counterparts? Find out here



- Free practice mode
- Light clouds, February 8th, 12:00


- The car must have enough fuel to come back to the pits after the hotlap.
- Cooling levels were safe and suitable for a long race.


- After doing good mileage building a setup, I limited myself to 20 minutes to set the lap that would count towards this experiment.
-Maximum respect for track limits. In this track that means absolutely no wall banging! Any kind of contact and the lap would be considered invalid.


Great results! I did an OK lap with a small mistake here and there and I would have qualified in the middle of the grid for this event. Some of the Audi drivers would be ahead, some others behind.

My laptime is in line with the efforts of pretty much every other Audi driver. Vanthoor´s lap was out of reach, our first half of the lap is identical but I lose a lot of time down the hill. With better driving I might have been around 4 tenths faster, not more.

Really positive test! Unlike in previous cases, the performance of this car around this track is pretty representative of the real thing.


- Source of the real footage:

- Real qualifying results

-Leaderboard for this combo:

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