Project CARS: Official "Custom Liveries" Support - Test Livery Pack (Formula B)

Project CARS by Slightly Mad Studios (PC, Steam)

*** Description ***

- "Vehicle Mods" was officially supported for Project CARS in April 2016.
And it became possible for us to use more than one Custom livery per vehicle.

In this video, I'd like to show it's possible to

- "replace" all original liveries,
- "add" multiple new custom liveries,
- and use Fresnel & Spec Maps for them.

#1 - #23 cars: Replaced to the original liveries.
#24 - #27 cars: Added as new Custom Liveries (with Fresnel & Spec Maps)

*** Forum Thread ***

For further information, please refer to my post on Project CARS Official Forum.

- About "How to use Custome Liveries"

- [HowTo] Register Vehicle Mods - Main Thread
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