Project Cars Oculus Rift Multiplayer Night Race at Donington GP

Second race of season 3 in the AOR GT3 Pro League was a night race at Donington GP.

I was using my Oculus Rift (works perfectly in Project Cars!), which really helped when driving close to other cars - and since this was a night race the feeling was pretty immersive, especially when your cockpit is pitch black.

I qualified in 7th (I think) and managed to finish in 3rd. I didn't pit for tires, as I figured it would be too difficult to gain back positions since the track is so narrow.

Overall it was a really close race and the first 5 cars all finished within 2 seconds - after 1 hour of racing!

Oculus Rift: Lowest settings
External cams: High settings

Thrustmaster TX
Fanatec CSP V2
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