Project Cars - Interview with Andy Tudor

After many years of development, the release of Project Cars is finally here. This comes after over 3 years of development and much speculation of what this sim will bring to the market.

Shaun Cole of The Simpit sits down and talks to Andy Tudor, the Creative Director for Project Cars about the sim. In this discussion they talk about the vision behind P Cars, and how having a large crowd funded effort behind it can effect the development. They also talk about certain features of the game as well as the different driving modes within Project Cars.

We apologize for the video stream during the interview. Due to an intermittent internet connection, the video does loose sync a little bit. This is unfortunate, but luckily doesn't take away from the quality of the information.
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  2. Coennos
    Long interview with Andy,lots of info on multiplayer on the end of the video.

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