Project CARS: Custom Grid Mod - Mazda MX-5 RADBUL vs GT3 @ Bannochbrae (Day to Night)

"Project CARS" by Slightly Mad Studios (PC, Steam)

"Custom Grid Tool" Mod developed by crowtrobot
based on JDougNY's pCARS Modding Unlocker & Autoprophet's "Unpacked Boot Files for Project CARS".

- Mazda MX-5 RADBUL vs GT3 @ Bannochbrae Road Circuit (3 Laps, Max players 20)

- Day to Night racing (Time Progression set to 60x)
- All cars driven by AI
- I edited "Black" livery and used in this video.

BTW, Mazda MX-5 RADBUL reaches a speed of 303 km/h at the end of the straight. :)

In the replay, Rear Brake Discs are always heating. It is not a bug of the original game but an issue caused by modding.

0:00 - Race Settings & Starting Grid.
0:09 - Onboard (Free Camera Mode)
7:54 - Results
8:03 - Replay

*** Credits ***

Thanks to crowtrobot for "Custom Grid Tool".

Thanks to Autoprophet for "Unpacked Boot Files for Project CARS"

Thanks to JDougNY for his modding support for the community.

(For further information, please refer to the description on the YouTube page. :)
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