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Project Cars * 2006 Ferrari Challenge GT3 mod [download]

Paul Ad
2006 Ferrari Challenge GT3 by JDougNY

Car Models by SMS. Wing Models by Turn 10.
Converted/edited/modified by JDougNY.

Car Features
Full damage modeling, including scratch, dent, crumple, glass cracks.
All skins per original car
Animated shift paddles
Original engine audio by SMS, which has no audible rev limit. AI audio recreated by JDougNY
NOTE: engine audio is very low in replay mode for unknown reasons.

Physics customized by JDougNY, including F430 suspension geometry by Doug Arnao (some adjustments made by JDougNY).
Suspension designed to 1:1 motion ratio.
Spring and damping multipliers set to 1.0 in chassis file.
Spring and damping rates designed to 1:1 motion ratio and 1.0 multipliers.
Full accounting of body inertia in chassis file (unlike all original cars in the game).
Activated/set aero parameters that were left disabled by SMS (common in many original cars)
Reworked diffuser physics to actually provide downforce (a problem in some original cars)
Numerous other physics calibrations.

Default HP is 505hp. Adjust air restrictor up/down, if needed, based upon your own
skill level and other cars on the track to find a level of balance that works for you.

download: http://http://notworking.url/2jW49CU

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