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Project Cars 2 / Oculus Rift / Caterham - Oulton Park

Jason Palmer
Todays VR video has a new overlay which not only shows the sim in action but Jason in his VR headset !

Jason jumped into a Catherham and did a 10 lap race around Oulton Park against the AI in Project cars 2 and had way to much fun and even got a little too immersed in his VR world and showed a fellow racer what he thought of him for blocking !!!!!

As always please feel free to leave any comments, help or tips about anything VR sim racing related or why not check our the links to our social media sites. Jason is often in our Discord chat room talking about all things sim racing.

Discord channel - https://goo.gl/yuwB0p

Website - http://www.pitlanes.com/

Fanatec Simracing Hardware: https://goo.gl/pukb1a
Richmotech Sim racing supplies: https://goo.gl/zjGid4
Patreon: https://goo.gl/aLN23R
  1. Alex72
    Looks great but i thought VR would have larger FOV. Kinda something closer to full human FOV 160-180 degrees. Of course that would have needed a very beefy PC, lol. :D
  2. Jason Palmer
    Jason Palmer
    The Rift has a FOV of about 110 but it’s not as restrictive as it would imagine as you tend to naturally move your head about when in VR to see your mirrors and such.

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