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M D Gourley
Project CARS 2 with LeMans in the Snow...Why?...because you can...lol. It was a real challenge to drive around LeMans in the snow and visually a spectacular one as well.
I had the at 'Weather Progression' set at 'x60' and 2 weather elements set at 'Clear' and 'Heavy Snow' because it looks amazing when the sun comes out with snow on the ground, then the weather closes in quickly because of the x60 setting and becomes snowy....fantastic.
Driving as very challenging and having to watch your throttle pressure all the time made for intense driving, otherwise spinning out always followed.
I feel the car handling on the snow was very good with the occasional unexpected spin, but overall a very good experience.
Gear used T300RS, TH8A, ECCI Trackstar 6000 Pedals, Win 7 PC, with an old GTX690

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