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Project CARS 2: Driver Eye - GTE/LMP1 @ Watkins Glen - Ford GT - Flood Control - VR Gameplay

Project CARS 2 WIP VR Gameplay - 4K (processing) playback available. Multiclass race around Watkins Glen with GTE and LMP1 classes. Driving the Ford GT in GTE for this one. AI was set to 112 Skill and 70 Aggression. First few laps are me in the GT fighting with a C7.R and the 488 GTE in front. LMP1 field comes up to pass on the final lap of the video. Enjoy!
  1. Emerson Meyer and Rob like this.
  2. Rob
    A.I. on the grass to pass. Damn.
  3. beetesjuice
  4. Emerson Meyer
    Emerson Meyer
    Really nice! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Rob
    I had the beta F1 2017 and the A.I. are 9 of 10. Can you compare the two? I didn't see any blocking, but it was not a complete race.

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