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Porsche 956 @ Nogaro Driver's View Stock Car Extreme 60FPS

Porsche 956
Game Stock Car Extreme Driver's View
Driving Force GT
  1. Jan Mikuž
    Jan Mikuž
    Personally, i find your videos very hard to watch due to the unusual fov/camera view.
  2. Thug-Life
    The FOV is right for distance and dimensions of my monitor, according to the FOV calculator. Even should it down a little more, but that's enough.

    What settings are you using?
  3. Jan Mikuž
    Jan Mikuž
    Whatever suits you, man.
    I don't bother with fov calculators. I just adjust the seat in game to a position I like and I also always leave the fov at default. I'm fine with that. :)
  4. Thug-Life
    If I remember correctly, the default FOV is 55 (long time not used xD). I'm using 25 on this video. For me adjust the FOV is very important. As they must see things as big as you'd see in reality.

    I know very well that at first, is very difficult to adapt. The tracks seem other completely different tracks. But for me a realistic FOV makes improving immersion on the game.

    Greetings Jan. ;)

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