Perez crash Hungaroring FP1 * Formula one 2015

Paul Ad
Sergio Pérez crash @ Hungaroring Ungarn - free practice 1

he is OK !
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  2. Jan Mikuž
    Jan Mikuž
    What a silly mistake...Totally his fault for accelerating off track.
    Reminds me of Raiko's accident at Silverstone.
  3. John Jovanovski
    John Jovanovski
    True but most F1 drivers don't back off when they're off track. Look at the right rear tyre at 1:28. It looks likes it's punctured and distorts and that's what sends him across the track.
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  4. Andrew
    Wasn't his fault. His car flipped and came to rest upside down after hitting the wall following a spin out of the Hungaroring's Turn 11, caused by a rear suspension failure. Perez's car was pitched into a spin when the right-rear suspension broke .
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  5. Jan Mikuž
    Jan Mikuž
    Oh,ok, thanks for the info.
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