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pC2 - Nordschleife - Lotus 78 - PRO AI race

JO Simracing
After the recent update of pCARS2, a race with the Lotus 78 at Nordschleife. Got wrong the damping settings for my DDW (12% instead of 4%) and it was obvious that it wasn't dynamic enough and excessively heavy.
They haven't yet sorted out the slow AI under rain. I was struggling on the first part of the race to keep pace with the AIs but, as soon as the track became wet, I could overtake them easily.... Something to look out for the developers.
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  2. Enpassant
    It is pleasure to watch this video. Thank you
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  3. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    You’re welcome and thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy the rest of the channel.

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