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Facing strong competition in the 1980 DRM by the big Zakspeed Ford Capri, the K4[20] was introduced in mid 1981, for 400 000 Deutsche Mark.[21] Porsche supplied an 3,1L engine with 750-800 hp at 1,5 bar boost for 91 000 DM in total. A perfect example of the legendary Moby Dick 935 in its very rare street version is the Kremer K2 935. The 1986 K2 which was 1 of only 12 imported into the U.S. at the time is currently owned by Peter Lima of RealMusclecar of Miami.[22] Originally purchased by the owner of Golds Gym in 1986 from Auto Saloon 2000 in Miami for nearly $200,000USD. The unrestored 190 mph+ Porsche has been untouched since 88' when he was indicted for the distribution of illegal drugs. The Kremer K2 will be available on August 15 as lot S50 at Mecum Monterey Auction 2015. More here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_935

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