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Online opponent DROPS BACK A LAP TO WRECK after collision that was HIS FAULT (ACC VR)

Interesting Assetto Corsa Competizione race at the Nurburgring. On a server with a 30 safety rating.

Sitting fourth, I get a good run on the car ahead of me into the chicane.

He takes the inside, I decide not to try to pass and just focus on hitting my braking spot.

He (it seems to me) moves wide under braking to try and get a better line into the chicane, but I'm there and it spins him out.

I'd picked my line, kept to it, and braked where I usually would.

He gets angry on chat, blames me for his error then decides that I need to be punished for it.
  1. Raymond 18
    Raymond 18
    Bad reaction from this player :-/
    A blue flag indicates you have to let pass a faster opponent. Not implemented in ACC?

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