NOT EP.3 - JUST A TRIBUTE! My summer car

Charlie Rosco
I wish this was the full Ep.3, but it's not, it's just a tribute. a Geforce Experience update screwed up my audio so I've cut the 48 minute episode down to 12 and recorded a separate commentary over the top. I hope you can still enjoy it! Remember to Like and subscribe for more!

Instagram: @Charlie_rosco

Occasional Graphic contributor: Ryan Lee Graphics

Intro: RavenProDesign

1. [Progressive House]OYNG! & Heski - Awaits (feat. tddz)
2. [Melodic House]Amasi & Kevin Faltin - Spinnin' Round (feat. Matilda Glantz)
3. Tobu - Nostalgia (Phantom Sage Remix)
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