*NEW* GRID Autosport Triple Screen Codemaster 4K Ultra first ride

Bit dull steering, definitely mixed feeling after playing for a while.
Pros cons i'll throw later, want to only show how it perform in 3xLCD in ultra settings.

Honda S2000 tuners battle.
i7 + EVGA GTX780Ti SC 2way SLI [OC]
Settings [Ultra]
Screens 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Input device [Fanatec CSR]
Driving model [ no assist]
Car setup [extra parts]
  1. Georgescu Iulian
    Georgescu Iulian
    How did you record only audio from game ?
  2. rauf00
    Any recording program working under the game can do this: Fraps, Shadowplay, Audacity etc.
  3. Georgescu Iulian
    Georgescu Iulian
    Shadowplay can`t record only audio...
  4. rauf00
    Sure, but can be extracted in post process, right?

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