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New Albany Waterfront_my first track build LOL!!

Mapped from my run/walk/bike route here in southern Indiana.

I can see why it takes months to perfect...
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  2. Matthew327
    This looks like it would be fun with some 50's/60's F1 machinery. Good start!
  3. FormulaET
    Thanks, I am totally green to this! Yeah too much F1 power.
    Do you know where I can get more expansion packs?? Clearly need houses and other type structures.
    Funny.... I spent more time on this, than actual gaming yesterday.
    Thanks for supportive response!
  4. Matthew327
    Absolutely no idea about that. There's a few websites where you can get tons of free 3D models for buildings et cetera, not sure whether you can import them to your track though.

    I suggest posting to the WIP thread here on RD with your video and asking if someone has an idea on where to get more trackside objects :)
  5. FormulaET
    Thanks, Matt
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  6. FormulaET
    This track will run alongside the Ohio River Indiana side.
    With more WIP, I will have a completed version with all objects.. further testing then will publish.
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