My Summer Car: What is it all about!

Bram Hengeveld
Omg I want to play "My Summer Car"!! Finally a successor to Test Drive Unlimited.
  1. Bram Hengeveld
  2. Torcano
    LOL! The stuff he says after the 27 minute mark is golden. Haven't laughed this much in ages. xD
    First I thought this is like a Goat Simulator equivalent of racing games but the more I watch this video the more I want this game. xD
  3. Hans Sneep
    Hans Sneep
    LMAO... lets take a bear an walk home...:D
  4. Lee Knight
    Lee Knight
    Finally, a Beer Simulator!
  5. Falk Massmann
    Falk Massmann
    hahahaha, I laughed so hard... amazing. It´s even quite impressive beside the comical elements. I really would like to play that game!! And the point where he tries to get into the van, omg I couldn´t stop laughing..
  6. Kurei
    Where was this game when I was back in highschool ? XD
  7. Frank
    The roads remind me of Hard Truck 2
  8. Keith Joyce
    Keith Joyce
    Very cool - can't wait for a release date!

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