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Multiplayer: Back to the seventies! (Porsche 911 RSR 3.0 @ Imola 1972)

Back in the amazing Porsche 911 3.0 RSR mod on Automobilista for an onilne race with the guys from Racedepartment. I qualified only in 15th place, but spoiler alert, I managed to gain some positions through the course of the race.

This car/track combo generates some great multiplayer racing and is definitely worth checking out.

*Download Porsche 911 3.0 RSR: https://goo.gl/GEC732

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  1. Craig Patteson
    Craig Patteson
    was a great race really enjoyed this one :)
    Vortlas and kamackeris like this.
  2. kamackeris
    my 1st ever podium !!
    Vortlas and Craig Patteson like this.
  3. Alex72
    Is that HUD up anywhere or custom? Looks great. :)
  4. Vortlas
    It's just the 'clean hud' option in the settings
  5. Matiracer
    Nice race. Are you using a H-Shifter? It's a really good mod, and the detail of the manual gearbox it's nice and fun.
    PD: That CleanHUD came whith the game or it's a mod? I can't fin it in the DynHUD selector.
  6. Vortlas
    nope just paddles. The clean hud comes standard with the game and you just have to select it in game. I can't really describe it right now because I don't have access to the game right now but I'll come back to it tomorrow ;)
  7. Matiracer
    Thanks, i've already fixed it
    Vortlas likes this.

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