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"Motorsport Manager Ep. 2 Career: Broken Car is Broken"

After a solid debut as the manager of ZRT Autosport (or is it ZRT Motorsport? Sorry boss, I have no idea these days), we're onto Munich for race 2!

Watch as a I navigate through the tough 3 weeks before we head to Germany! How many times did I butcher Aurelie Dembele's name?

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  1. Alex72
    So the mechanic says "stay within the green area for best result" and you had that but the rating from the driver was "very poor" on downforce. So are there crap cheap mechanics and better expensive ones? Sorry i didnt watch the whole thing. Looks fun though. :)
  2. rancer890
    It can be within the green area but a very poor or poor feedback probably means I should be at the other side of the green area since the driver doesn't like the car balance. That's my idea of it anyway!
  3. Alex72
    Ah ok. The other ones you had within the green and they were good so it just looked a bit weird.

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