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Motogp Valencia Close Racing Gameplay

Jorge Lorenzo battles his way through a virtual motogp grid for top spot. AI is set to Hard and the main motive is to show how good close racing can be with a proper on-board camera view.
  1. Raf Nix
    Raf Nix
    Very nice, most made fov even higher. I for one do like this being much more realistic, well done.
    Any chance of getting this?
  2. Racedriver_K
    Thanks. I will be glad if you are able to enjoy racing with it.
    Rather than posting in haste, I am trying to test camera position for every bike after making changes. The back forth is taking a lot more time than what I expected. Depending upon my schedule, I will try to do bulk of changes this weekend and post something as soon as I possible.
    Raf Nix likes this.
  3. gamer19
    Really immersive.
    Please publish it.
    But, hey... what is Iannone is doing at 4:33 ? Is that ...a bug ?
    Here, I make a screenshot of it. Named "Iannone's handjob".
    Don't look at me that way... It just feels ...appropriate.
  4. Racedriver_K
    :) That is a typical AI behavior in Milestone games. The animation for a rider looking back on straight is also applied on corners.

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