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Moto2 Onboard Camera Comparison

The default onboard cameras provided in Milestone games present a false sense of scale and is annoying for those who have tried any sort of close sim racing. I hope this comparison clearly shows the lost potential and poor design decisions made by game developers.
  1. xnorb
    Without triples you lose the sense of speed with a "realistic" FoV.
    Racing games therefore usually provide a quite high FoV.
  2. Racedriver_K
    Are you implying that you still prefer the default one? The default FOV was 60. I settled for 34 here and have other videos on my channel where a value of around 28 is used for triple screen on RIde 2. I found the sense of speed is much natural after modding and opens possibility of close racing without racing lines and aids. Corners and road elevations are read properly. There is a lot to gain if we just ditch our notion of that false NFS style sense of speed.
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  3. Sfrost
    [MEDIA=youtube]4yYeiAHsdr0[/MEDIA] check out that video to see the benefits of a realistic FoV
  4. xnorb
    I'm with you on that - i prefer an FoV which lets me actually see things and gives me a natural look over some fisheye optics just for the sense of speed.
    But in racing games they want to give the player the sense of speed - and only way to achieve that is to show you a wider view at the world > increasing the FoV.
  5. Helmut Skrdla
    Helmut Skrdla
    Would you have a link for the modded cameras? Might try that.
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  6. drift92
    Looks promising :D
    Which controller are you using for bike games?
  7. KennyBarroz
    Shut up and take my money, where is the download link?!?!?!
  8. Racedriver_K
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  9. KennyBarroz
    I have seen your posts in the steam community, i believe you should share your info aswell, this way not only can modders expand this find of yours, but milestone will probably see its appriciation and take it to the next game!

    Good job! I would love get to know what files you edited and what results you are getting!

    Right now iam running with the TRT camera mod, and sure its better then stock settings, but as you point out so well in your text, its not the real feeling compared to your mod.

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