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more grip and better handling for dirt 2 0

hi all as know game hard to handle car got no grip and driving just nuts i smash more with out mod addon i made me thinking why ai so good so i just copy ai files put new folder and rename ai too cars and copy back in too ai folder and when played i was shock how car now handle like dream come true why didn't think this before it not 100% fix but i say i put foot down car don't slide into wall now i feel car got grip i want drive faster so much more enjoy it on race department under mayorheadrush i did other mods for game like sound and fix steering and doing reskin car too HD as find there are blurry in side cop pit and detail sum engine look crap and brakes look crap too as well other fixes hope u enjoy not best at driving as see but i turn traction too 5 and stable to 5 and rest off it still loose to drive but more fun u will enjoy game more.

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