Mclaren MP4-30 Iracing vs Mclaren MP4-31 Assetto Corsa ACFL F1 Mod.

A Comparison between this two cars, in two different games. The Mclaren MP4-30 is the first car developed by Mclaren and Honda in a long time, and the MP-31 is it's succesor for the 2016 season. What's your thought about it?
Comparación entre estos dos coches en dos simuladores diferentes. El Mclaren MP4-30 es el primer coche desarrollado por Mclaren y Honda en mucho tiempo, y el MP4-31 es su sucesor para la temporada 2016. ¿Cual es vuestra opinión?
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  2. Helmut Skrdla
    Helmut Skrdla
    Hi, I thought the ACFL F1 mod is considered outdated by now? Not sure if it's a good comparison.
  3. ardjor
    Hi Helmut! This mod is for 2016. It's this years mod, you can find it in their webpage. Anyway, the comparison it's not only to compare the cars, but also the sounds, graphics, etc.

    Thanks for your comment!
  4. Helmut Skrdla
    Helmut Skrdla
    Thanks, I hadn't even seen there's a new current version - got it yesterday following your comment!

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