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Max Verstappen takes Jos around Spa-Francorchamps in the Renault R.S. 01

Bram Hengeveld
Why blink with your eyes when you can also be fully focused on the road ahead of you :)
  1. Andrew
    He likes to drive the car...;) The other guy looks like he needs new pants. ;)
  2. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Lol, the other guy is Jos Verstappen, his father and an ex Formula 1 driver so I don't think he's crapping himself. He's probably not a good passenger :)
  3. Andrew
    Ooops... :)
  4. Steve Bird
  5. Martin Maaskant
    Martin Maaskant
    Well his dad did not find it that funny. I think he is more comfortable with his own hands on the wheel. The last comment of Jos was "you did that on purpose didn't you?" when Max replied "what... I did a faster lap with someone else" Jos replied "yeah right"
  6. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    It must be great to have your son following your foot steps.

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