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Maldonator - The Movie

A Production by Boris Sljivic


1.) Paradise Lost - Iconoclast
2.) The Typewriter - Leroy Anderson
3.) Come With Me - Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page
4.) Brand X Music - Never Surrender

Forget Mad Max 2, Maldonator is the movie to watch performed by Pastor Maldonado. You will see a lot of debry and destroyed cars. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton or Sergio Perez tried to beat him but they were not strong enough. It's the man from Venezuela who dominates Formula One. Max Chilton is maybe the driving god but Maldonator would crash him off if he had to. Everytime someone crashes it's Pastors fault. Because of that lot's of race stewards lost their job. He even brought up a new codex. If you race against him you should back off because other wise Maldonator sends you into the barrier. It will maybe not be nominated for the Oscars but this movie is a must see for every Formula 1 fan.

So now seriously, I like Pastor and I am quite happy that he is in Formula 1. But it's always funny when you see him crashing again and again. He should be more consistent because we all now that he is actually a fast driver and that he deserves that victory in barcelona 2012. So see this video as a joke. I feel a bit sorry for Pastor, I think this video is a bit too much forced against him.

Dear Pastor Maldonado,
if you watch this video, I am really sorry. Pleas don't take this video seriously, because nobody would be very happy on the day you leave Formua One.
  1. Torcano
    Rofl, I just read the video's description after embedding. Died from laughing too hard. Anywho, didn't know if I should share this in motorsport or fails section. :D

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