Making the Supra dance - An evening at Akina 24/7 server - Assetto Corsa Oculus Rift Gameplay

Akina 24/7 is a popular Assetto Corsa Akina downhill server. At the moment it has the Akina drift layout, so there will be very often traffic incoming.
These are some of the moments with the Supra.

A big thanks to the AE86 Tuned with the Fujiwara skin, "Fiat Punto Master". Lots of fun recording this. Lots of accidents, hence no clean run.

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▶Xiaomi Yi
▶Sony a6000

PC Specs:
▶Intel i5 3570k
▶Gigabyte GTX 1060 OC 6GB
▶Asus Xonar D2
▶Corsair 330r

▶Thrustmaster T300RS
▶Fanatec CSR elite pedals
▶Thrustmaster TH8a

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