M3 E30 gr.A - Hillclimb - Assettocorsa

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Let's see together this hillclimb track (don't know if it is a real track or not). The track is well made, there are no strange bumps or so... This car is fantastic, very grippy if well treated or beast if you are too aggressive or dirty in your drive.

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The music is by Tobi - Intro

If you like racing simulator and wanna race against me add me on steam ;) - Ryo9231
You can download the track here - http://forum.virtualracinggroup.net/assetto-corsa-f116/hillclimb-track-alpha-v1-by-sandrox-t7251.html

Download Assettocorsa : http://www.assettocorsa.net/en/
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No assist to drive, all cut

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