LMP1 - First lap with LMP on the Green Hell!

I have done 5 real life and around 490 virtual laps on the nordschleife and I hold no racing license. I rarely drive cars other than those manufactured during 1965-1995, after that race cars started to gradually lose their soul due to too much electronic interference. For me racing is your skill with that engine, in its chassis with the rubber that is on. The rest is up to you, on the track you are pawning your life on. So this is my 3:rd LMP lap on the nordschleife, but with it's ancestors in the legendary group C monsters i've done just over 100 virtual.

*IRL I drove Audi R8 spyder the first two laps, then 3 laps with a Golf GTI stage 2 rental (220 hp, bilstein dampers, rollcage, stripped) no serious hotlaps so 9.10 BTG on touristfahrten so far.

Enjoy and comment if you need to^^
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