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LMP1 2016 Round 1 Monza Race - Toyota Hybrid

Konstantinos Galanos
I am having loads of fun from multiplayer racing. Really I do. But there are times when your race gets ruined (no problem with that) and also you get to race people with customized set ups that are unbeatable (no time to make my own setup unfortunately, usually racing on standard). So you see no matter how much I enjoy MP there is some room for SP as well.

So I'll be starting this LMP1 championship which is an imaginary one of course and see whether you guys are enjoying it too. If you have any comments for my driving please leave them below, I only had an hour practice on the circuit and I think there should be much room for improvement. Race settings below.

As always if you like this video please take a moment to check my rest videos by checking on the channel button, perhaps you'll find loads of interesting ones ;-)

Core i7 4770k
Nvidia GTX 970
Original Resolution: 2560x1440
Graphics: ULTRA
Windows 10
Race duration 10min
Time transition x30
Weather - Clear
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