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Steve Bird
Unfortunately my stream software went wibble around 41 minutes so the last 10 minutes of the video you can hear me talk but can't see what I'm showing. Apologies.

Anyway I thought that I would do a bit of streaming to show people some of the great mod s and track that are available for this great sim racing title.

Head over to to download the mods and tracks as detailed below. Pleas consider joining as a premium member to get access to top class racing leagues which are often streamed live on twitch with commentary.

Patrick Giranthon's (And his amazing team's) track megapack (Top class).

Patrick Giranthon's (And his amazing team's) PORSCHE 911 3.0L RSR 1974 Mod,

RSS Modding Group's F1 RSS 2016 V1.1 PART1 1.1 Mod (Please note that this comes in 3 parts - Links available in each download description).

Thank you all and please like/subscribe if you liked the video.
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