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Little to choose from! @ Whatever track you want!

Jose Borges
Hello simdrivers, racers, car lovers...

After 25 GB of videos and about a week of editing here is my latest one! I dont know how you feel about simracing but for me it means free time to relax. Each sim has its own features that makes me engage with it in different ways and a lot of games are missing in the video. I used to beat the crap out of the gt series for Playstation... Now I beat the crap out of my PC because when i want to race a 1960's F1 car, I can. I want Aussie V8's i can... All of them will deliever different emotions and that's what i love about simracing!

Regardless of level of simulation or arcadiness of these titles i like to use/race/play them all.

Thank you for watching!

Please leave a like if you liked it and if you feel it's worth, share it!

See you on the grid!

Music by: https://youtu.be/_eEziNdIvD8

PS: The title of the video is obviously ironic.

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Gear: Fanatec GT3RS V2 + CSP pedals

PC Specs:

CPU: AMD 8320
MB: asus m5a97 r2.0
RAM: 8GB Corsair
CPU COOLER: coolermaster tx3evo

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