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Shaun Clarke
Karting event with the developers of LFS (Scawen and Victor)

Song Mindfields - Prodigy
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  2. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Back in my LFS days, we had a Karting event, where the Devs, Scawen and Victor joined us.

    Amazing weekend with loads of giddles
  3. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Rip Video, sorry this was made on my camcorder all those years ago,get a grip
  4. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    What has this place come to...
  5. Celtic Pharaoh
    Celtic Pharaoh
    Video unavailable
    This video contains content from [Merlin] Beggars, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.


    Wanted to watch this but got this error. Any way around it Shaun?
  6. Dave Stephenson
  7. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Hmm that is strange, as it was working fine and has been for months. Will re-do it

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