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Lamborghini Huracan GT3 / Nurburgring GP / Assetto Corsa Competizione / Cockpit + Replay

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  2. Alex72
    The wheel look really calm when going fast on straights. Onboard in real race cars and in rF2/AMS the wheel is impacted by small bumps in the tarmac and its shaking your arms. Is it just this track that is very good/new tarmac maybe or is the FFB around center a little weak?
  3. SunBro
    First off, i'm using a G27 that might be why the center movement is slow.

    Second, this is recorded "after" i did the lap. It's not a live recording. I didn't pay attention to it now but in AC, the replay wheel is waaaaaaay more calm than live gameplay wheel. That might be the case with ACC again. I'll check when i get home.

    Oh and as for tarmac, i can't tell **** since the ffb is heavily dampened at the moment.

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