Lake Louise, KTM X-BOW

  1. Dim Sim
    Dim Sim
    Friends, hello! I am glad that I have the opportunity to share their videos on racedepart–įment. I would like to find new friends. I hope I did not intrusive. I would be glad if you join me, I appreciate it.

    One of my favorite locations. I imagine what a pleasure in real life to drive along these roads! The author of this location is a great man! :)
  2. Kurupt CDN
    Kurupt CDN
    Living an 1.5hr away in Calgary I can tell you from experience the drive is not nearly as fun as it looked in that video :)
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  3. LupinYonder
    Is this the old version of lake ? Looks familiar but different. I used to play the old version loads but it's been a while. EDIT : ah yes, on youtube it was uploaded in 2014
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  4. Dim Sim
    Dim Sim
    I think we get used to the places where we live, and many of us are not surprised. I like mountains very much - but almost did not see them. In this location the mountains are very beautiful, I admire. I'm grateful for your comment, it's great that you live there. My village is on the level, and we do not have anything except for sandy quarries, but it's very fun to ride there)
  5. Dim Sim
    Dim Sim
    Yes, these are the first versions of this location. But I like this video, I remember those feelings when I was driving this car. I think with VR and a good simulator - you can get great pleasure from driving to such places :)
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