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KartSim PFI Race

Keith Dixon
I'd bought KartKraft earlier in the week and really enjoyed it outside of the AI, so when I saw this one on sale as well I grabbed it up, I've been suffering GT overload for sometime now so this lot makes a pleasant change

Obvious differences out of the box with KartSim, first off you have setup options, presssure's, temps, ride height etc, then there's changing track conditions, if the track temp is low and there's no rubber down your kart's going to slide, all add's to it, you have to start thinking a bit more with this one which is cool

There's also day/night and rain, the AI seem decent enough at all the tracks and their fun to race against which is a bonus

Overall they don't drive that different given similar conditions but KartSim has a bit more depth to it imo, the view could use a polish and a decent Motec display wouldn't go amiss but outside of that very enjoyable

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