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KartKraft [VR] - Benchmark for Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Jeremy Ford
KartKraft; the latest early access update has given us the much promised VR support (in Beta). The VR update is about a month later than the developer had suggested, but it’s here. So the no VR, no buy guys out there have been appeased and can stop asking.

So how does KartKraft perform in VR, here's a benchmark using fpsVR in a full field (8 AI karts) race conditions!

Our test PC is running an Intel I7-8700k PC, along with an Nvidia GTX 1080Ti. The PC has 32GB of 3000mhz RAM.

Recording with OBS did reduce performance a little, but the smoothness of gameplay felt about the same when not recording. KartKraft was very playable on the Lenovo Explorer headset but you will notice reprojection kicking in and reducing overall framerate smoothness at times when we're dropping below 70 fps.

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