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Kartkraft [VR] - Benchmark for HTC Vive!

Jeremy Ford
In testing, I noticed the HTC Vive was providing better performance over the Lenovo Explorer WMR headset in KartKraft no matter what setting I tried in order to offset the difference in resolution between these two VR headsets, so I decided benchmark both headsets on the same track and race.

Also, I'm able to run higher settings on the HTC Vive headset, including 140% in-game resolution scale, and the framerates are within a good tolerance for smooth gameplay.

Running the HTC Vive at the upscaled 140% resolution scale exceeds the (higher) native resolution of the Lenovo Explorer, so what's going? I really don't know, but the gameplay experience is noticeably better on the HTC Vive. Very weird so I thought I'd share this with you.

The above is an anomaly which isn't consistent with other sim racing titles, the Lenovo Explorer WMR headset performs as I would expect and very well, so something strange is going on!
  1. Brice.S.
    nice fear at 1:30 ^^
    Jeremy Ford likes this.
  2. Jeremy Ford
    Jeremy Ford
    Ha, yeah almost lost it there!
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