Kart Racing Pro | The 'DEMO' version... still exist! (Helmet cam)

Left side - for engine sound
Right side - for environmental sound.... RIP left ear...

Sorry for the black outline, I dunno why it is there :p

So.. few days ago, I saw an article at racedepartment about 'upcoming' kart sim title "Kart Kraft". It says they're still working on it, I mean sure of course the game is Working in progress.. And than I spotted "Kart Racing Pro" was already released, like Early Access but not on steam yet. I thought it already passed steam greenlight?
Actually, I'm not really a big fan of kart racing irl, so I didn't search about KRP before I saw the comment. So I search their website and surprisingly it is the same company "PiBoSo", which also make Bike sims "GP Bike / MX Bike" and 'normal' car sim "World Racing Series".

PiBoSo website: http://www.piboso.com/
KRP website: http://www.kartracing-pro.com/
KRP Steam Greenlight Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQgM1D7BtIo

The "GP Bike" was kinda frustrating for me, because.. idk, keyboard play for bike sim.. it was that bad idea x] But with old dfgt "Kart Racing Pro"is quite a great fun :D

Since it's trial version, it has no selection for kart and track, but it's enough to feel 'how this game works'. And for the beta build, they still need to fix a lot of bugs like invisible wall, transparent tires etc etc, but it looks pretty competitive to those of other sims which also featured kart racing - ez. AMS, rf2. But silly me, what I most like about this game was driver's hand gesture. You can shake hand for the gallery, thumbs up for the dude, and self-praise in-game XD. That's something ^new^ feature for me.

The video is few laps around Lonato with 125cc kart on helmet cam /GoPros! yay/. Thanks for watching it :D

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