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Junior RT8 Inkart CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 - Rnd 7 B Final - Daytona Sandown Park - GoPro HERO4

Scott van Breda
Kart: Sodi RT8
Track: Daytona Sandown Park (Alternate Reverse) - Esher
Date: Round 7 (26/07/15)
Driver: Scott van Breda

Daytona Race Report (B Final):
Tauran Bellot Jr headed up the
B Final, and kept it from Scott
Van Breda for the first lap.
Oliver Reeves soon took 2nd
from Scott Van Breda, making
an opportunity for Ben Gosling
to pass too. Further back, Joe
Booker, Henry Jarrett and Silas
Woolway were close, and on
the penultimate lap Henry
Jarrett passed Joe Booker in a
clean overtake for 5th. Ben
Gosling just made it passed
Tauran Bellot Jr to take 1st and
secure his place in the A Final
from Tauran who finished 2nd.
Scott Van Breda ended his day
in 3rd, with Oliver Reeves and
Henry Jarrett behind him.

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