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Jason's Sim Racing Cupboard Tour 2019

Jason Palmer
Jason takes us for a tour around the latest version of his sim racing setup as of May 2019 as we venture into his sim racing cupboard.

We get to see his newly built wooden sim rig and recently fitted Samsung ultra wide monitor, he also shows us just how he jumps in and out of rig Dukes of Hazard style !

As mentioned in the video here are the links to our website articles Jason wrote about both his rig build and ultra wide installation -



Please let us know what you think of this rather compact setup in the comments and we hope it helps show just what is possible if all you have is a tight space to set up your sim rig.

Jason is always posting away in our Discord Group about his various DIY projects so why not join us say hello and follow along -


If you fancy seeing what Jason's setup looked like just a couple of years ago then why not check his previous Sim Cupboard tour video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_cP7gqUUR8

#simrig #simracing #mancave

( And yes is he is aware he needs to learn about cable management and to get round to actually finishing things off properly so they look at least half decent ! )

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