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Sharpy Bonfire
Ruf GT3 Challenge
Skip Barber Race Series
2018 Season 2 - Week 2/12
Lime Rock Park - Full Course
iRacing - Windows Mixed Reality VR

Some weeks just do not go like you thought... After hours of learning new tracks this happens, twice in row...

Tons of iRating and Safety Rating donated away in couple races. Makes one wonder how to ever get into higher splits when races like this happen but one needs to believe they are rarer than this and lightning should not hit twice in row in same place...



► iRacing ► Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 ► CSL Elite Pedals LC ►GT Omega Wheel Stand ► Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset ► i7-6700K ► Asus 980Ti ► F33L SR1

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