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iRacing vs Project Cars BMW Z4 Silverstone short track

Average iRacer
With the season nearly ending, I had been deciding which series to enter next in iRacing and decided to give the GT3 BMW Z4 a go. With Project Cars also having the Z4 GT3, I wondered how close would the lap times be. As I hadn't driven the Z4 in either of the sims, I thought I would put it to the test and find out how close they actually were. I chose a track I'm unfamiliar with on both sims, left the cars as standard setup and did an out lap then timed my flying lap. (Yes I know my times have hardly set any track records)
Although the Project Cars Z4 felt a lot more twitchy, it also felt a lot more controllable and that I could hold it together if anything went wrong. In contrast, the iRacing Z4 felt more together but if I made any sort of mistake, it would try and kill me.

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