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"iRacing: Tale of Two Triangles" (DW12 at Pocono Raceway - Open Setup)

I tried to do an open setup, and this was the result of it. Two hours of confusingly clicking not-so-random things but not knowing what the heck they will do. Said a lot of random things, because it was a bit stressful making my Indy Open debut. :)

Here is my raceset if you want it (it's not very good). I just changed ride heights, wickers, camber, and caster to my liking. Wings need a lot of fiddling (same settings as Fixed) and gearing could get changed a bit too. Will not be competitive in top split, but if you aren't 3000 iRating, you won't really need an uber setup because you won't race in the top split in open to begin with.

Pocono race set - http://www.mediafire.com/download/o9z91nbzy2yaxlq/2015S3_Pocono.sto

Also, follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rancer890. Would also like to add that I was fiddling with some OBS settings again, so hope the video quality was ok!

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