"iRacing: Racing with a Heavy Heart" (DW12 at Sonoma Raceway - IRL)

RIP Justin Wilson. I got the helmet design from Andy Blackmore. Click the link to find it: http://www.andyblackmoredesign.com/justin-wilson/.

And now for the huge wall of text!

In this video, I discuss Justin Wilson's accident, the race itself, as well the 25-week Verizon IndyCar Winter Series which will start in Season 4 of the 2015 iRacing calendar. I hope I didn't ramble too much!

I'm sorry in advance for my post-commentary (starts around 2:35). I understand it was a bit disorganized, but I really didn't want to prepare notes for this post-commentary. I considered making notes for this to follow, but I deleted them all because I didn't want to read from a script. I usually don't do post-race commentary in general, but under the circumstances, I felt it was for the best this video given my emotions this race.

The result of this race wasn't too important. The race was tough just trying not to spin and get off-tracks. But the lead-up to this race was very tough on me.

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