"iRacing: Power to the Max" (V8 SuperCars Americas Sportsman Race at Watkins Glen Classic Boot)

The second race of my V8 SuperCar career as part of the True_Racer Series Raid, which happened to coincide with the V8 SuperCar Americas races.

In this video, there's double trouble of rancer890 as I say random things during the race, as well as me doing some post-commentary.

Really want to thank YNOTtheTIGER for his assistance via Twitter, as well as 21Radr for his baseline setup. I won't be able to race the V8s because of school (and won't have enough time to practice it)...so hopefully well I pick this car up again (and don't worry, I definitely will) it'll be a lot better.

Also follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/rancer890.

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