IRacing: Pontiac Solstice, Battle at Jefferson Reverse [Real Cameracar]

Game: iRacing
Car: Pontiac Solstice
Track: Jefferson Reverse (Summit Point)
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, using H-pattern shift and manual clutch;

Racing on iRacing after a long time, with the car that I prefer in the basic package, the Pontiac Solstice .. in general it can't compete with the Mazda Mx5, but on this track, it can be very fast..
no qualifications, so I started from the back, attempting a comeback :)
Jefferson Reverse is a bastard track, very tight, very difficult to overtake, very easy to make mistakes, and/or incidents with the others player..
but compete here, can be very funny. the overtake is difficult, but not impossible; you must take advantage of every mistake, every little space left, and be there, ready to take advantage of the opportunity.. I enjoyed it a lot, start tenth, finished second :)
Lol at min 5:25 fourth gear doesn't want to enter in anyway, lost 2 positions! I don't know if it's a bug, or if it was just my fault, but it is strange, as soon as I put the third gear, it goes normal.. apparently, even a my opponent (in the Solstice blue and green) had the same problem at the minute 1:56

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