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iRacing: NES Round 1 | 6 Hours of Sebring Part I - Traffic Management

Mark Hewitt
Round 1 of the NEO Endurance Series at Sebring
from our perspective (Slipstream Racing #79 GTC)

3 classes:
GT (Ford GT)
GTC (RUF C-Spec)

After a very disappointing qualifying we started the race from the back of the field. We decided to let Mark drive the first stint since he's usually very good through traffic and we expected carnage when the HPDs would go through the field as a pack for the first time...

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties there is no race info/overlay in this video and the following parts - sorry! I will try to find a solution for the next race.

SoF - have a look: http://www.neo-endurance.com/series/nes/entry-list/


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  1. Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile
    still good fun

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