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"iRacing: Hugging the Line" (Verizon IndyCar Series - 2016S4 - Round 2 - Texas Motor Speedway)

New season, new goals..

I did race at Sonoma last week, and I did win once. But that was a boring race with 7 drivers...

This race was a bit more interesting...kinda. Texas is one of those tracks where you can just hug the bottom. Felt like an Indy Racing League race...

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  1. gamer19 likes this.
  2. gamer19
    I'm glad the new season has started, I enjoy your videos. iRacing is a great, immersive game. And love that low FOV, is taht some standard iR FOV or you set it even lower by yourself ?
    Another thing... you sure that gear ratio is set right ? I mean... you often hit the limiter for quite long time, even in 6th gear? (which you often even don't use btw :S)
    Not criticism, I just wondering... maybe I don't understand oval that good as I thought. :D
  3. rancer890
    I set the FOV myself! I don't really like the default one. I like it low enough that I can see all the important parts of the dash.

    And yeah, the gearing is....meh lol! It wasn't really optimized, but 5th gear is usually the gear you want to be in the draft. The 6th gear is the passing gear. I don't really use 6th because once I'm in the middle of the corner to corner exit, I'm scrubbing too much speed in 6th, so I just stay in 5th gear.
  4. AtotehZ
    Not sure what the rules are in indycar, but when people are lapping you, you're supposed to give right? At least that's how it is in most other motorsports. Car #5, the guy in 6th seemed to mess with Daniel Knight at 2nd a whole lot because he had draft. I didn't get if he actually hit Daniel though.
  5. rancer890
    Most of the time yes, you should give away. IRL, the slower cars usually give way to the faster ones. But if you watched IndyCar, sometimes the lapped cars don't give way - like Rossi or RHR did a couple times on the oval tracks.

    It's just that even as a slower car you can get away with going on the lower lane. Probably why I don't like Texas if there's a big difference in speeds. :p
  6. AtotehZ
    Watching the race I'd wish you had something like DRS(Formula1) if you get within 0.25 secs. It would make it harder to just block on the inside. I would've done the same, block.. but DRS might enable people to overtake on the outside more.

    Additional rules would have to be specified how often it can be opened and against who of course.
  7. rancer890
    I'm anti-DRS with anything (especially in junior formula), and I also don't think it will work on ovals. Just a safety thing imo.

    I can get DRS on road courses, but I wouldn't touch that technology anywhere near ovals.

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