iRacing: ESRA GT1 Series at Sebring Rd. 1 Highlight

James Nance
Highlight of the ESRA GT1 Championship Round 1 at Sebring
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  2. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    Great race, yet again James. Since we were just there in BSS too, have to ask - generally speaking did you soften up your shocks here? Looked like your car was bouncing quite a bit more than the field.
  3. James Nance
    James Nance
    I was running almost max rear stiffness and pretty high up front as well, dampers helped with the bumps. And yes it was very bumpy but allowed me to be more flexible with what the car could do.
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  4. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    I did similar in the Merc, slowed the compression down both ends but left rebound alone. In replay it seemed I was bouncing more as well so wondered if I did something right or wrong. You on the other hand, clearly did something right. :)
  5. James Nance
    James Nance
    Yeah I experimented with medium stiff springs and then found the hardest ones do better for the faster corners. Also helps for hot conditions, seems to put less heat onto the tires and run lower pressures.
  6. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    I did play with the springs too. Felt good on the strong sets for a few sessions, then ended up with the mid sets for whatever reason - now that you say it, I bet it was due to temps. I only had a few times on track north of 100 temps so I bet those were when I used the hard set. ...good to note. Thanks.

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